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Marcus Hartlet (OC) | 15 | Music and Acting | FC:Matheus Fernandes |Taken

Background: The Hartlets were never exactly rich, but they were certainly well-off. A nice-sized house - four bedrooms, three and a half bath, sizable family and living rooms, even though there were only three people living in it - in a gated community. A nurse for a mother, a tax attorney for a father, not home too often, but with flexible enough schedules to give their son all of the attention he would need. Public school, but a nice one, with plenty of AP and honors classes, most of which Marcus was enrolled in. The last family you would ever think to be abusive.

But it was. Both parents, in different ways. Dad took out all of his anger on the boy, whether that meant using his fists, a belt, or, once, a lamp. (He’d said he’d fallen down the stairs.) Mom, on the other hand, completely ignored him. She would lock him in his room for days, no food, no water, ignore the screams when her husband was home. It was the malnutrition that stunted his growth, not letting him even reach five foot, weighing sixty-five pounds at the beginning of his sophomore year.

For years, almost no one suspected, and the few that did didn’t ask. Until one of the teachers finally noticed the numerous, dark purple bruises that the boy so carefully hid under his baggy clothing and went to the police. The moment his parents heard about the impending investigation, they spent several thousand extra dollars in order to ship him off to Oxford more than halfway through the semester. Without him there, there was no crime, in the eyes of everyone around them, at least. And only great parents sent their kids to prestigious boarding schools, right?

Personality: Marcus is probably the shyest person you’ll ever meet. His voice is rarely ever above a whisper and always stuttered through. He can’t retain eye contact, always staring at his feet. He either has his arms hugging his chest or his hands in his pockets, looking closed off to everyone. He doesn’t trust people, and it shows. Don’t mistake that for coldness, though. He’s painfully sweet, always wanting to keep people happy, and always seeing the best in them, despite fearing the worst. He’s desperate for attention and approval, though he seems to avoid the former, and will do anything for affection. He’s incredibly bright, getting at least low As in every class with little to no effort, and extremely talented. He can act any part, drawing from deep emotion far more easily than most students, and able to push it all away in the span of a few seconds. His voice always shocks people, but not as much as it impresses them. It’s the only thing he has any confidence in, and the stage is the only place he feels comfortable. If he tried, he could easily become a star, but his meek nature and need to be cared for make him an easy target for anyone who wants to use him.

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